Jovi K’nobi is a pioneer in Hip Hop. As both a rapper and producer, his style is original and fresh.

Jovi K’nobi was born, in the early thirties, in Doha, Qatar. Jovi graduated from the University of Arizona and then went to university in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he studied dance and was involved in various music forms. Jovi was considered by many to be the first Swedish hip-hop artist.

His first hit for hip-hop, “Doki Doki Roodo,” was recorded in 2005 and sold over 90,000 copies worldwide. In 2009, Jovi decided to start acting with his friends and became known mainly for his songs about animals.

Jovi K’nobi is the co-founder and director of the YA-studies program at the Kia Academy, a private university in Seoul. His videos and music include “Ya-Ya”, “Ki-Nyo” and “Pornography in the Digital Age”. He also produced several videos that included the “Girls in the Game: Girls, Women & Girls of Rap Generation” song, “Doki Doki Roodo”, “X-Doki” video and more.

In 2013, the world premiered “Eureka” (Girls, Women & Boys) album and the music from that album won the YA category at the prestigious International Performance of the Grammy Award.